We recently carried out a client survey to find out how our advice helped. We got some lovely feedback and we thought we would share some of the feedback.

"You did well, it's good to know you can talk to someone to get help".
"The lady who helped me was very sympathetic and helpful.  I couldn't have asked for better help".
"I couldn't ask for a more friendly, helpful service to give me options to solve my issues".
"Although you couldn't help with the problem, the advice I received helped me understand it better".
"I hadn't realised that CA don't do automatic face-to-face appointments anymore, so I made time to come to the office and then had to go home and phone in.  Other than that - delighted with the service". (yes, sadly we have stopped the drop during Covid and now see about 20% face-to-face by appointment)
"You are the last resort and I hope you do not close down"."
"Very impressed by the service.  If you can speak to someone who is intelligent and interested it's a great help".