“EVERYTHING IS SO EXPENSIVE” That’s what we hear from people all the time now – especially since the Ukraine War sent fuel and food prices soaring and then interest rates, impacting peoples' mortgages.

We are helping an increasing number of clients with the cost of living crises. Our advice and support can make a difference across the spectrum of issues:

  • maximising benefits
  • helping with budgeting and debt
  • helping with housing
  • negotiating with suppliers and lenders
  • signposting to charitable support

We have produced a Guide to Budgeting which you can access and download through the drop down menu in this section.

We are also constantly reviewing the Resources that are available in the district. These can be accessed and downloaded through the drop down menu. Please note that this is a fast moving situation; you may wish to check with us to make sure this is current.

Below are some key headlines. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help.


Be sure you’re not missing out on benefits you’re entitled to, particularly if your household income is under £30,000 and you care for children. You can use one of the benefit checkers such as: Benefits-calculator.turn2us.org.uk and Entitledto.co.uk/organisations/benefits-calculator

Both are straightforward to use but if you’re unsure please contact us for help.


With interest rates soaring in the last year or so, many people are struggling to pay their debts and keep up with mortgage repayments. We can help you deal with lenders. Contact us for help.


The energy cap on prices; whether a fixed or variable price tariff is best for you; why paying by direct debit gives you the best deal; obtaining cash payments to help with fuel costs for those on benefits such as child tax credit, working tax credit, income support, pension credit, job seekers allowance and certain disability benefits.

Pensioners’ Winter Fuel payment, the Warm Home Discount, the Cold Weather Payment, help from the Fuel Bank Foundation, the Surviving Winter Grant. The location of Warm Spaces where you can keep warm for free. Getting on the Priority Register for extra help from your energy supplier if you are of State Pension Age or are disabled, sick or considered vulnerable.

Our advisors can also provide tips on conserving energy to cut your fuel bills and grants to help you pay off your energy debt.


Food Banks are now part of everyday life for some people and do a superb job of providing food to those in need. We can refer you to the most suitable for you. We can also direct you to food apps where local stores sell end of day food very cheaply – you can often buy a bag of food worth £20 for around £3.50.

Suffolk Meals on Wheels can provide free meals for a week to those in need.