General Advice: We provide free, independent, confidential and impartial advice to everyone on their rights and responsibilities across a range of topics including benefits, consumer issues, debt, discrimination, employment, family and relationships, health, housing, immigration, and legal issues.

Money Advice: We can help you to prioritise your debts and maximise your income by explaining your options to you. We will encourage you to make your own decisions and take action, but where needed we can negotiate with creditors and write letters on your behalf.

Financial Capability: We can offer appointments to help you manage your money, stay on top of your bills, and set up a budget.

Benefit Advice: We can advise you on potential entitlement to benefits in order to maximise your household income. We can assist you in making claims and challenging decisions where appropriate.

Research and Campaigns: Sudbury & District Citizens Advice also has a thriving Research and Campaigns team who use the data we collect to identify problems faced by the wider community to campaign for change and influence policy makers. This can be anything from benefit issues and consumer injustices, to problems with renting. We also promote national campaigns on such things as energy saving, scams, consumer advice and raising awareness of domestic violence and control. You will probably see us with our stand, in a range of venues throughout Sudbury and the district.