We value diversity, promote equality and challenge discrimination wherever we see it.

Towards that end we campaign on issues that we identify or are guided to by the national organisation. We do this by compiling evidence anonymously from real client stories locally and then collated nationally by Citizens Advice. The aim is to identify recurring trends to build an evidence base that is then used to lobby for change. It is difficult for policy and decision-makers to ignore this evidence because it is based on real people and the problems they’re facing because of poor practice or unfair decisions.

We work with local and national Government, MPs, policymakers, regulators and service providers to outline the problems and what changes should be made.

Through effective campaigning we can improve policies and practices and influence changes in legislation based on real facts. This can make a real difference to people’s lives, changing things for the better, not only for those coming to use Citizens Advice services, but for everyone.

Previous campaigns have included:

  • participating in a policy campaign run by national Citizens Advice investigating whether pressure is put on clients not to claim legacy benefits. We identified five of our clients who consented to take part in the survey
  • making recommendations to the national Citizens Advice Research and Campaigns team to get long Covid recognised as a medical condition that qualifies for disability benefits.